All type of Cardiac Critical Care

Cardiovascular intensive care refers to special systemic management for the patients with severe cardiovascular disease (CVD), which consists of heart disease and vascular disease. CVD is one of the leading causes of death in the world. In order to prevent death due to CVDs, an intensive care unit for severe CVD patients, so-called cardiovascular intensive care unit (CICU), has been developed in many general hospitals. The technological developments of clinical cardiology, such as invasive hemodynamic monitoring and intracoronary interventional procedures and devices, have resulted in evolution of intensive care for CVDs. Subsequently, severe CVD patients admitted to CICU are increasing year by year. Dedicated medical staff is required for CICU in order to perform best patient management. It is necessary for optimal patient care to select effective means from various hemodynamic tools and to adjust the usage according to the clinical situation such as cardiogenic shock and acute heart failure. Furthermore, the patients in the CICU often have various complications such as respiratory failure and renal failure. Therefore, medical staffs who work at CICU are required to have the ability to practice systemic intensive care.